Summer Entertaining

Afternoon tea (cake platter from WonkiWare just seen in the bottom LHS corner)

Well, it’s finally here – summer at last!

As I write, the most glorious sunshine is spilling in through the window and the dogs are happily stretched out and enjoying every bit of it. I just adore this time of year when it’s truly time to cast off the wintery layers and start making plans for the summer months ahead. And with summer comes summer entertaining and there’s nothing I love more than having friends over and making a bit of an occasion out it.

This weekend I had some lovely girl friends over to tea and enjoyed setting the table in a very summer-y way, with vases of bluebells, roses and my all-time favourites – peonies – dotted about. I love afternoon tea and it’s such a civilised way to entertain. I made a batch of scones which I served with bowls of fresh berries, homemade jam (so easy – do try it if you’ve never done it before) and cream whipped with vanilla, and a blackberry & lemon yogurt cake (adapted from Donna Hay’s recipe here – only because I couldn’t find passionfruit at my local greengrocers) and bellinis and tea were poured (mostly bellinis, it has to be said).

Afternoon tea (cake platter from WonkiWare just seen in the bottom LHS corner)

Afternoon tea (cake platter from WonkiWare just seen in the bottom LHS corner)

Now, what has this got to do with interiors? Well, not much so far – except to say that I used the occasion to christen some of my new china & as I love it so much I wanted to share it with you. Whilst holidaying in South Africa earlier this year I came across a lovely shop selling WonkiWare ceramics. I bought beautiful bowls and an enormous lilac patterned platter (very carefully carried back home in hand luggage) & they really are just lovely. I have since discovered that they have just started selling them at the Conran Shop, so you won’t need to jet off to South Africa to get your hands on it. Do take a look at their website: – they have some lovely designs and great colours.


As you’ll see in the photo of my afternoon tea, I am a huge fan of mixing and matching tableware, so you don’t need to go crazy and buy the whole lot – just a few pieces to add to your collection perhaps. I love the look of a table set with pieces which have been amassed over time – such a chic, casual look. And if you can’t be casual and care free in summer, when can you be?