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Home away from home

Hotels often claim they want their clients to feel like they’re staying at home away from home. I don’t know about you, but I think the majority of hotels fail … read more

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Get the look: Tory Burch

Inspired by last week’s post about the Tory Burch HQ? Get the look with the addition of some perfectly polished pieces teamed with vintage look rattan mirrors and brightly coloured … read more

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Blue & White

I am working on a lovely little project in South Africa at the moment (sadly via internet rather than in person!) – a gorgeous cottage which belongs to a dear … read more

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Shower design

Just a quick word about this: if you are designing a shower, please please PLEASE think about where all the lotions and potions and shower gels are going to go. … read more

High or low or vintage?

Following on from yesterday’s post about steal vs splurge, I got to thinking about budgeting for decorating your home. How much to spend on various items is always a tricky … read more

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Home economics

It’s amazing what you can find in the shops when you’re constantly looking at home wares & furnishings. I am always looking – whether it’s in the shops or online, … read more

La dolce vita

I have just come back from hols in Italy, where I spent a glorious week soaking up the sun, sights & plenty of prosecco…. la dolce vita indeed. I stayed … read more

Prints Charming

In total contrast to the sleek masculine designs I posted about yesterday, I am also busily working on projects with a decidedly softer, blousier look. I have always adored prints, … read more